Ron Campion Furnishers – The Good Sleep Guide

I was asked by Ron Campion’s to help out about a year ago, as their graphic designer had left. I was not far away from giving birth, but took on the job to help out with their Summer Sale brochure before having my daughter.

Since then, I have been helping out every week, updating the Facebook account with adverts and posts, designing the adverts for local newspapers and magazines, and designing the Winter Sale Brochure and a “Good Sleep Guide” Bed Brochure.

Ron Campion’s had a rebrand a few years ago, and have a great logo and colour palette. I was able to use this and previous designs to design the Summer Sale brochure, before working on the newer adverts and brochures with my own designs. It’s been essential to make sure we source good photos of the products and display them with all the information needed clearly, to catch the audience’s eye, and make them want to buy!

The first project I worked on properly was “The Good Sleep Guide” – a Bed-based sale before Christmas last year.¬†Here’s a few examples, to see more have a look at my portfolio. More to come soon…

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