Quickbooks Review

January is never a great month… cold, wintery weather; Christmas is over and packed away for another year; I’m usually a few pounds heavier than I was in November; and it’s tax return time…

But this year I was more than prepared due to using Quickbooks.

Quickbooks Self-employed

I started using Quickbooks about a year ago and it has made my life a whole lot easier. I don’t have particularly complicated accounts, but they were taking me a whole day or two a month to get them up to date and my tax returns took me at least a week.

However, since using Quickbooks, I can get a month’s worth of accounts done in an afternoon, and I managed to get my tax return done well before the deadline.

I now invoice using Quickbooks, and I can log in and see where I am financially easily. I can track my mileage easily and I can take photos of receipts and upload them to stop me losing them or having piles of paper to sort through. It’s only £8 a month (although they often have offers) and only a little bit more for VAT registered businesses.

I highly recommend Quickbooks, it has made the paperwork side of my business much easier.


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