Devon Carers Magazine

When I first graduated from University, many moons ago, my first job was as Information and Communication Officer with Devon Carers. When I decided to go freelance, they were one of my first clients, and I have worked with them for nearly 10 years, through 2 rebrands, and on many pieces of work, from leaflets to newsletters, from websites to photography shoots.

This year they have decided to change things a little, update the brand and some of the marketing and literature. My first job was to overhaul the newsletter, and change it from a newsletter to a magazine.

I have worked with the Devon Carers team to change the newsletter – changing the content, layout and design completely, giving it a facelift and making it look more interesting and slicker.

I used more imagery, a new colour scheme based on the Carers Trust brand as well as the existing brand, and some more exciting typography, to redesign the look and feel of the magazine. I am pleased to say the team are really pleased with it, and I hope the carers are too. This job has been one of my regular pieces of work for a long time, and it’s been fun to change things around!

I have been working on other pieces for Devon Carers – I’ll be updating my portfolio soon, and have more pieces in the pipeline. Have a look below at some of the pages from the magazine, or have a look at my portfolio for more: Devon Carers Magazine. And also check out the new Devon Carers website which was redesigned recently and looks very smart!

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