Personalised Calligraphy Prints

I have lots of new ideas for the Etsy store after my 100 days challenge, plus another challenge in mind for next year. But, as always happens this time of year, I am busy with work, Christmas preparations, and life in general… so in the meantime, I am putting a few different things up on my Etsy store ready for Christmas.

One of those things is a personalised Calligraphy print. I’ll design and make a one-off calligraphy print, of any lyric, poem, quote or saying you’d like, on either A5, A4 or A3 watercolour paper. I’ll design, mock up and then hand letter each print, and send you the original, all ready for Christmas, as the perfect gift. It could be a poem for your child, a song that you and a friend love, your wedding vows, a quote to help inspire a loved one, or just something that makes you smile.

Each print will be sent in a hard backed envelope, so it’s all ready for you to mount, frame or hang however you please. I hope you like them! There will be more bits and pieces over the next few weeks, and if you’d like this before Christmas please have a look and order before 16th December for the UK, and 13th December for the rest of the world.

You can find it on my etsy store here: Calligraphy Print.


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