100 Days of Lettering – Week 14

The last week of my challenge! I will post about the whole challenge next week, so here’s a round up of this week’s offerings…

Day 92

I managed to get the hang of the ink and embossing powder – really pleased with this! It took me a while to get the right combination but I got there in the end! Gold ink and embossing powder on watercolour paper.

Day 93

Whilst experimenting with the embossing, I was playing around with the gold and silver ink on black card. The card is not perfect for the ink and nib, but the ink does look good on such a dark background! Gold ink on black card.

Day 94

Back to some hand lettering, trying to get my head round lettering in odd shapes (not straight lines). Not perfect but definitely an improvement, and getting there! Black fineliner on watercolour paper.

Day 95

Back to the calligraphy… I wanted to play around a little more with flourishes. I am pleased with this, the letterforms look good and I am getting to grips with the pen and nib, but some of these flourishes don’t quite look right yet! Pen and ink on watercolour paper.

Day 96

The start of this piece, took me a while to draw out in pencil, before starting to ink it in. Still practising these letterforms, my lines are still a little shaky. I was trying slightly watered down ink, to get a difference in the tone. Ink on watercolour paper.

Day 97

Final piece, with the ink still wet (hence the pencil lines!) Good practice of these long straight lines, still need to improve, but I like the overall look of this! I had a bit of a play with some decoration as well. Pen and ink on watercolour paper.

Day 98

Nearing the end… the start of another piece, playing around with some watercolour lettering today. Experimenting with one watercolour washes and calligraphy. Watercolour paint, pen and ink on watercolour paper.

Day 99

Finished the edges of these letters, and drew over the top with pen and ink. I have since found out through tutorials and research that it is easier and better to do the ink first, and the watercolour over the top… but this seemed to work fairly well! Watercolour paint, pen and ink on watercolour paper.

Day 100

Final day today! I decided to do a nice piece of calligraphy for this as I seem to be on a calligraphy kick! I had a play with the flourishes, writing this all out in pencil first and playing around with the letterforms before going over with pen and ink. I had a quick look back at what I have done over the last 100 days, and I am really pleased with the progress I have made! Pen and ink on watercolour paper.

I’ll write a post next week about the whole challenge… so I won’t say much here. Except that whilst I thoroughly enjoyed this, I am glad to have some spare time!


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