100 Days of Lettering – Week 13

Lots of calligraphy this week, and a little more experimentation…

Day 85

Some more calligraphy with watercolour paint as ink. Freehand calligraphy, trying to get used to the pens and nibs, and playing around with watercolours, getting used to how it looks when dry, and how watery it needs to be… watercolour paint and calligraphy nib on watercolour paper.

Day 86

More experimenting with watercolour, and a different nib – the Brausse Rose nib, which is difficult! I’m trying to get my letterforms a little more consistent, by using guides. Watercolour paint, calligraphy nib and pencil on watercolour paper.

Day 87

This was all planned out in pencil first, then went over it in watercolour with a calligraphy nib. I’m not happy with this lettering yet, I want to try and get each letter looking neater, thinner and more consistent, but I feel I have a lot more control over the pen now. Watercolour paint, nib and pencil on watercolour paper.

Day 88

The finished piece (before tidying up the pencil lines…) this took me a while to get through it all. I like the gradient of colour with the watercolour as ink, but still not quite happy with the letterforms. More work required… watercolour paint, calligraphy nib and pencil on watercolour paper.

Day 89

Again with the watercolour…! And again with the Brausse Rose nib, trying to get the hang of it… Watercolour paint, calligraphy nib and pencil on watercolour paper.

Day 90

Back to ink… I spent some time this evening working through exercises and writing out alphabets time and time again… then finished with a few lovely words. The ink looked so good when wet on the paper. The photo doesn’t do it justice…! Pen and ink on Rhodia practice paper.

Day 91

A while ago, I bought an embossing un and some powder, and had a go (unsuccessfully…) I saw something on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a go, using the wet ink and powder. The silver ink and powder seemed to pool and clump but the gold gave really good results… this is one of the first attempts, a bit messy but you get the gist! Gold ink, calligraphy nib, gold embossing powder on black card.

One week and one day to go… probably more calligraphy practice next week, and maybe something special for the last post…!

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