I thought I’d share with you a few banners I’ve designed over the last few months… Firstly is a banner for Adela BM79. This is a fishing boat now now sells fresh fish straight from their boat. They have cut out the middle man of the fish market and sell fresh fish to tourists and locals alike, and wanted a banner for their boat, specifically for a local Pirate Festival we run in Brixham, if this went well, they were planning on selling fresh fish throughout the summer from the boat. They have since been selling fish throughout the summer!

The second banner was for the Gay Pride March in Exeter. Devon Carers, an organisation I have done a lot of work for, asked me for a banner for the March. I had creative freedom to design something colourful and simple, with the Devon Carers logo on it – a really fun job!

A great deal of my work is fairly small – business cards, A4 and A5 flyers, brochures and leaflets, so it’s nice to go large scale and make something a bit different!

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