100 Days of Lettering – Week 10

Another week… another 7 lettering projects…

Day 64

A fully painted 3D “SMASH”… gouache paint on watercolour paper.

Day 65

First draft of this idea, I like the smoke idea but I think it might be a bit overbearing in this. First attempt with the Tombow brush pen as well, I love these pens, nice and easy to use and look fantastic! Watercolour paint and Tombow brush pen on watercolour paper.

Day 66

I bought some new nibs, a Rhodia pad, and an oblique pen holder from Quill London and got practising! A bit of modern calligraphy style, pen and black ink on Rhodia practice pad.

Day 67

Some more practice with the Tombow brush pens – Tombow brush pen on Rhodia practice pad.

Day 68

Even more practice! And a good old feminist quote! Tombow brush pen on Rhodia practice pad.

Day 69

I love this quote, and it’s a nice one for practicing. Lots of exercises and alphabets this week, and then an attempt at a quote with the Tombow brush pens, on the Rhodia practice pad.

Day 70

And now for something completely different – some blackletter practice with pen and ink on the Rhodia pad – loving the black ink on white paper and these big chunky letters….

Catching up with the blog this week as we were away camping for the bank holiday weekend, and generally enjoying the sunshine!

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