My MA Final Project – Part 2

As part of my final project, I had to write a critical report based on my project question, and the research I undertook.

My question started as:

How can we turn anger and despair within feminism into effective change? Can we help women use design as a methodology to work through their positionality on particular views?

I researched protest graphics, feminism over the last 100 years and how the visual arts helped to create change. Throughout my research, by question evolved and became:

How can graphic design empower women to effect change? Can we use activism and graphic design
to help women portray themselves as an empowered community rather than as victims?

This was in conjunction with the other part of my project, detailed in my last blog post, and my research changed and evolved into something more about empowerment, and using graphic design as a way of making change, within communities and society as a whole.

If you’d like to read my report, you can find it here: MA Project Critical Report Laura Eydmann

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