100 Days of Lettering – Week 5

We have had a funny old week – I’ve got a lot going on at the moment personally, so this week was a little sporadic and I also missed a day… I needed to have a proper day off from work and everything.

Day 29

This was a sketch for a blackboard I am working on for a cafe. Not very pretty or neat but I thought it might be good to include something really rough that I then work from. Pencil on paper.

Day 30

This was the final blackboard – the lighting was a bit weird so the colours don’t show up as well, and this was before it was cleaned up. I was pleased with this, there was a lot of information to get onto one board! Chalk pens on blackboard.

Day 31

As I said above, I have had not had a lot of time this week, but I had an idea, and whilst this isn’t very representative of the final idea I have, it was a way of getting some ideas down on paper! Fineliner on grid paper.

Day 32

More grid paper, more finaliser, having a practice with both. I feel my sans serif capitals are not a strong point, so a little practice on this…

Day 33

I missed a day, we have had some stuff going on, and I needed a day off. But back to it, practice with brush pens (not easy…) and some calligraphy. They seemed to work best on tracing paper… they glide well, so this is Arteza Watercolour brush pens on tracing paper!

Day 34

A little message to my sister and brother from another mother today. They are off back to Australia after a brief visit so I hastily scribbled a message Рand a bit more practice with those brush pens! Arteza Watercolour brush pens on grid paper.

Day 35

The Queens advertising board is almost complete…! There are bits I am not happy with in my perfectionist brain, but it is nearly done. Lots of styles, and colours to hopefully work together and draw the eye! Chalk pens on blackboard.

Next week is looking less busy, and with a bit more time to work on these… we’ll see!

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