Module 4…

I am on the last module of my Master’s now, my Final Major Project, which is due in December. I thought I’d share my last module with you again… some of the work I produced and what I have learnt.

This project involved writing and producing a designed essay. I wrote an essay entitled ‘A Love Letter to the Sea’ and rather than designing a print piece, I decided to produce a small film. Again, this was a small project, with only 4 weeks, so I managed to produce a few scenes from the essay, using the type as an animated layer above the film. I have been interested in subtitles and how effectively they are used within films and TV programmes, so this was a fun experiment for me, using new media, software and skills.

I enjoyed this work, and plan on working on this film more, and producing the whole essay at some point!

I also looked at typography and our local town as inspiration. I love typography, so it was fun to spend some time looking at environmental typography within my town and produce something based on history as well as contemporary. I used my calligraphy skills to produce and design this piece – Fishtown – based on my local town of Brixham:

I also looked at data visualisation, at existing work, and critiquing it, as well as historical pieces and how it has been used to help people to understand data and spread information (and sometimes disinformation). I produced both a piece about an existing piece of data visualisation around the Moon Landings, and my own piece based on Moon rises and Moon sets, and Sunrises and Sunsets.

I’ll put these pieces in my portfolio. Final push now, just 6 months left, and it will hopefully be all finished!

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