It’s 2021… and not a lot has changed!

I’ve been busy so far this month, which is good. A few projects on the go, which I’ll update you all on in the next month or so. I’m also working on new pieces for Sunshine and Shenanigans, and a website, again, more on that soon! I’m also working on some online courses etc. including my MA in Graphic Design, which I’ll post about soon.

I’ve updated my website and social media with some new supporting graphics. It’s usually a quiet time of the year for me, but this year I’ve had a fair bit to do! I’m still at Paignton Zoo, I’ve been working with Dart Sails, and I’ve had a Devon Carers magazine this month as well. I’ve decided against an art challenge this year, I have plenty to get on with, and I don’t fell I need the creative push that they have provided in the past.

More new work to come soon, more news on Sunshine and Shenanigans, and hopefully less lockdowns and restrictions and a happier time in the future…

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