New work and website changes…

I have been a little quiet of late… work has started picking up (great!) and I’ve been working on the Etsy store (more on that soon) and I have also been tidying, updating and general ‘housekeeping’.

Firstly, a new brochure for Ron Campion’s Furnishers! A little later than normal due to Covid, we put this together. I’ve updated the project on my portfolio, so you can see it all there, but here’s the front cover!

I’ve also got a few new projects to put up soon, once they are completed and when I have some time…!

I’ve also been updating this site, changing the look, some of the information has been updated, and I’m working on a sub-site to sell my work (as well as Etsy). I was hoping to have it all together by now, but life has got in the way… it’ll be up soon, I’ll update as soon as I have a date!

So all busy, life getting back to the ‘new normal’ and enjoying it for the most part!

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