Adela Banners

Tristan approached me about a banner in 2019. We came up with a design for his boat as he was planning to sell fresh fish caught by him straight from the boat – something that could be seen from afar, and described exactly what he was doing. I designed this banner and got it printed ready for our town’s annual Pirate Festival – where he was a big success! He carried on selling direct from the boat to customers throughout the year.

Fast forward to April 2020 and with the lockdown in place, Tristan has gone from strength to strength and is selling not only fresh fish he has caught but also fresh fish and seafood sourced from other local fishermen, straight from his boat. He has a spot on a pontoon in the harbour, and people can follow him on Facebook, see when he’s in and come down and buy from his boat, queuing outside, 2m apart (of course) and get some lovely fresh produce.

I designed an updated banner for him, and some leaflets for a weekend of selling from our local caravan park, and of course, bought some fresh fish straight from his boat… lovely stuff! A nice little lockdown project, and I supported local small business too!

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